What’s Up with CIS?










Unless you have been living under a rock, or perhaps hiding out in our sketchy school elevator, you’ve most likely heard people talking or possibly frantically rambling about CIS classes. So what is this auspicious, academic, advantageous acronym all about?! (whew!)

CIS stands for “College in the Schools” and is a dual credit program offered for the first time this year at NLA. Currently, two CIS classes are in progress: Physics by Inquiry (year-long) and Psychology 1001 (first semester only).

CIS courses are UMN catalogue courses, but are offered on high school campuses. They allow you to receive both high school and college credit…FOR FREE. Also, since they are considered more challenging than regular high school classes, CIS courses are weighted, which improves your GPA. For example, if you received a B in a CIS course, it would be equivalent to an A on your GPA.

The teachers are selected and trained by the University. Interviews, applications, and eleven days of training are only a part of this process. Just ask Mr. Good or Mr. Saunders about it.

And North Lakes Academy students are on board with these classes, too. Junior Margret Krueger, who is taking both CIS classes this year, pointed out the advantages of taking a CIS course. “You get college credits for free, which is always good, and it gives you a chance to prepare for college…It’s just generally beneficial.”

Kenzie Hale, also a junior, agrees. “It’s a really good opportunity and it’s definitely worth it. You’ll appreciate it later when you go to college. It saves money and time.”

Of course, like most things in life, there are cons too. For example, in CIS Psychology, there is much more out-of-class homework, lecture-watching and learning being done than in a typical high school psychology course.

When asked what advice she would give to those who want to take CIS courses next year, Breanna Knutson (junior) responded, saying “Keep up on your homework, and don’t slack off because you will fall behind.”

For more information about North Lakes Academy’s dual credit program, visit this website (http://nladualcredit.weebly.com/) and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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