Paying Attention in Class

Did you know that humans can only pay attention for 33 seconds out of 60? That counts for class time, too! Are you finding it hard to pay attention in class? Paying attention in class is extremely important, even if you think you don’t need to. It makes it much easier to learn the material and then you won’t have that “freak out” moment before a test. For the majority of the time, homework is on what was taught that day in class, so while paying attention may be challenging, it benefits you greatly.

Buzz! When your phone makes that noise your brain automatically starts thinking about that text message. You wonder what it’s about, who the text is from, and it becomes what TLC (Thinking Learning Communicating) students know as a “thought tornado”. To prevent this, simply put your phone away, ideally in one of the phone boxes the teachers put in the front of the classroom. Don’t worry, it won’t get stolen. Those texts can wait until passing time, unless it happens to be an emergency, which probably would not come in the form of a text message anyway. It’s proven that multitasking does not work for humans, so make it easier for you and your teacher and put that phone away. You’ll automatically focus better.

Participate, Participate, Participate. This is a huge aspect of focusing. Sit towards the front of the class so the teacher’s voice is louder and closer, which will make it easier to ask questions and focus. If you have a question, ask it. It’s that simple. Many students are scared of asking questions, but asking questions is a part of learning. Also, when the teacher asks a question, if you know it, then raise your hand and answer it. This will not only help your brain focus, but also impress the teacher and most likely get you a better grade!

Another aspect of participating is remembering to keep an open mind. Just because someone stated an opinion that differs from yours does not mean you should shut down and go into la la land. It will also help you see different aspects and sides of the issue, so you can have a more rounded horizon. La la land is probably the biggest thief of attention. When you start to daydream about Justin Beiber, tell your brain to “put it in the parking lot”, yet another TLC concept. The thought that you had while daydreaming will be there at the end of the day. If any movement causes your brain to fall off track, practice not looking when there’s a noise or movement. When students start goofing off, hold your attention and block them out. You can goof around at lunch. If you think class is boring, make it interesting! Boredom exists in your head and if you learn that, you’ll be golden. Hopefully these tips will help you focus, pay attention, and even thrive in your next class!

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