NFL Predictions with Eric Nelson on the Saints Game

Last week’s predictions have been tough, with the playoffs weeks away; every team is fighting for a chance to play in them. Some of the most intense games have been played. Some of the best teams continue to dominate the league, but a couple small teams have risen up from the ashes and are beginning to make a huge comeback in the NFL. With Thanksgiving coming up, every team is trying to prepare their best for the Thanksgiving games and the games that will follow. But last week’s games have decided the fate for some of the NFL’s teams this year, the game we’re about to cover was one of them.

At the start of the first half, both teams were focused and looking for a win. This game, the New Orleans Saints knew they had to pull a win out of the undefeated Falcons team if they wanted a chance at playoffs this year. The first quarter started out quickly with the Falcons scoring their first touchdown with still a good eleven minutes on the clock.  Mike Johnson had received the pass, and the soon after the Falcons scored a touchdown they put more points on the bored by scoring a 37 yard field goal kicked by Matt Bryant. It wasn’t looking good for the Saints, and they knew they needed to step up their game, so they did. Chris Ivory made a 56 yard run for a Saints touchdown with six minutes left on the clock. It was an amazing way to get the scores close before the second half. Once the second half had started, the Saints were focused and ready to pull a lead over the Falcons. Soon after the quarter had started, Jimmy Graham scored a nice twenty nine yard touchdown pass from Drew Brees. Tony Gonzales later countered the Saints touchdown by scoring another touchdown for the Falcons. One of the most amazing plays of the second half was the pass from Drew Brees to Jimmy Graham for another touchdown with only thirty four seconds on the clock! Once the quarter was over, and halftime had started, New Orleans was leading the game 21-17 and the Falcons realized that they had some competition they haven’t encountered yet this season. The third quarter went by a little slow, the Saints were the only ones who scored, and after that the next quarter had started. During the fourth quarter, the game started to sway towards the Falcons. They scored another touchdown by Tony Gonzalez, and then a field goal by Matt Bryant which only had them losing by one point! With six minutes remaining, the Saints knew they needed to make a smart decision, so they sent Garret Hartley out to kick in a 31 yard field goal. Thankfully for the Saints, he scored the touchdown which ended up being the last points put on the board that game. The undefeated Falcons had lost their first game, and the Saints soaked in their victory. The final score of the game was 31-27 with the Saints dominating over the once undefeated and feared Atlanta Falcons.

This week’s been predictions were good for Mr. Nelson. He took a big risk going for the Saints, and he was right! I can’t believe he thought the Saints would win, and I’m even more shocked that they did in fact win! He knew if Drew Brees threw a good game, the Saints would do well. He also told me he thought the Saints defense would pull through, and they did well enough to keep the Falcons back for the most part and lead them to victory. One of the biggest reasons the Saints won was because of their offense; they were on fire! Hopefully the Saints continue to do this well, because if they do, they’ll have another shot at the playoffs.

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