Thanksgiving Decorations

Most people love a decked out house during the holiday season. Spooky props for Halloween, tinsel wrapped Christmas trees, and crazy decorations for New Year’s. What about Thanksgiving? Although Thanksgiving is a big holiday just like the rest of them, you never see any elaborate displays about the pilgrims, or light strung up in the shapes of turkey and corn. When most people decorate for Thanksgiving, if they even do at all, their decorations rarely explore the world outside their front door. However, rather than dwelling on this fact, let’s make the best of these veiled celebrations of the pilgrim’s success.

Here are 4 great ways to decorate your house for the fabulous holiday of Thanksgiving.

Hand Turkey’s: This classic is great for humans of all ages! It is a simple, yet dashing way to decorate your house for the holidays. All you have to do is trace your hand on a piece of colored construction paper. Once you have done that, add a wattle to the thumb, and voila! You have a cute turkey to stick anywhere around your house. There are great variations of the hand turkey; you could take the advice of Alex, and add 5 things that you are thankful for (one onto each finger), or you could heed the advice of Breanna Knutson, and make you turkeys out of crepe paper.

Colorful Tablecloth: Alex also loves to buy plain white tablecloths. On their own there are incredibly boring! However, if you add your own unique drawings all over the place, that boring tablecloth is transformed into a beautiful, hand-made, art peace perfect for Thanksgiving Day! Some people will also write what they are thankful for on their tablecloths, this is a great way to remind you of what Thanksgiving is all about.

Turkey Cookies: No, these cookies are not made of actual turkey, although that may or may not be delicious. These are simply cookies made to look like turkeys. All you have to do is make your typical everyday cookie, flavor of your choice, of course, and then after the cookie has been cooked, arrange candy corn into it to make it look like a turkey tail. After that, add some frosting eyes, beak, and feat, and you have yourself a mighty fine turkey cookie just waiting to be eaten! Abbey Millerbrend’s grandma makes these sweet treats all the time!

This was very obviously done by someone who knows what they are doing, so don’t be disappointed if yours isn’t an exact replica of this one.

CornucopiaJust like the Hand Turkey, this nifty little decoration is made out of paper, and can be stuck anywhere. First, take a brown piece of paper and cut it into the shape of a Cornucopia (If you aren’t the artistic type, printing out a stencil can only do good.) Once you have done that, cut out fruit, and vegetables of all kinds to stick onto your cornucopia. After you have stuck on all the desired food, find a nice empty spot on your wall and spice it up with this festive Thanksgiving craft!

All of these crafts are quick, fun, and enjoyable for all ages! Next time you need a way to decorate for Thanksgiving, give one of these a try!

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