Fall Treats

Fall Treats 

         It’s fall time and people are cooking up some great snacks to eat. What’s fall without you homemade pumpkin pie and whipped cream? Or cinnamon  applesauce? Those are a necessity to have to forget the warm sun and nice weather. ( well you will not forget that it’s turning cold) Here are a few fall favorites that most will enjoy!

Pumpkin seed who cares that Halloween is over, it don’t mean you can not eat pumpkin seeds. All you will need to make this crunchy snack is a pumpkin, water, salt and a stove. “I make Pumpkin seeds every year, its a great snack to eat, and its healthy.” Says Dawn C.

step 1: cut the pumpkin open from the top.

step 2: carve out the pumpkin and save the seeds, maybe put them a separate bowl.

step 3: since Halloween is over, you don’t really need the pumpkin, unless you will be making pumpkin pie, but that is a different recipe. So throw the pumpkin put and clear your space.

step 4: clean the seeds off making sure no guts are remaining

step 5: dump the water and spread the seeds on a cookie sheet, sprinkle salt on them as they are wet so it sticks.

step 6: turn on the oven to 325 degrees and place the sheet in the oven for about 30 minutes or until turning a light brown. Let them cool and then enjoy!

Caramel  Apples.

 Caramel apples are a yummy juicy treat for those who like apples and Caramel. It is an easy treat to make and it is also healthy! (Well minus the chocolate and Caramel, then yes it is.) it is not recommended for those who has braces. To make this treat, you will need apples, and kind, Carmel or/and  chocolate,any sides such as sprinkles or nuts, wax paper, and wooden sticks, or you can use forks.

step 1: grab some apples, or how many that you need.
step 3: poke the fork or stick through the apple.
step 4:  take the Caramel or chocolate and melt it in a bowl. While that is cooking, lay out a sheet f wax paper that fits all the apples without touching.

step 5: once the  the chocolate is melted, stir it  and make sure it is melted, not burnt.
step 6: pick one of the apples up and dunk it into the bowl by holding the end of the stick or fork. Stir the apple around making sure the apple is at least 3/4 dipped with chocolate.
step 7: lay the apple on the wax paper. Now is the time to add your sprinkles or nuts.
step 8: repeat steps 4-6 then enjoy!


Apple sauce is a yummy healthy snack that can be eaten all year, but in some places, you can only make it scratch right off the tree in fall. “I have Made applesauce before and I love it! I would eat it every day for the rest of my life if I could!” Says Kayla O.
step 1: if you have or know anyone, go pick some apples, better ask before you go picking off apples from the neighbors tree.
step 2:  bring them inside and wash them good.
step 3:  now peel the peel of the apples. You use a potato peeler, or a table clip apple peeler (peeling is optional)
step 4:  if you have an apple cutter, which cuts the apples in segments and takes the core out, that works bust. Otherwise cut it. Y hand and take out the core.
step 5: grab a pot and add an inch or two of water to it. You can also splash some apple juice with it. Then add the apples and then turn the heat on high
step 6: separate the juice, and save it. It’s apple juice! Then squash the apples either with a spoon in a bowl, or using  a hand-cranked Foley food mill.
step 7: enjoy!

now that you have found good recipes to make next time for a party, dinner or special occasion, it will spice everything up!

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