The Meaning of Christmas

Christmas is coming right up, just right around the corner. People are scrambling around gathering gifts and wrapping them for their loved ones, decorating the perfect Christmas tree, and hanging the mistletoe hoping for the moment to come when they can use it. People get crazy over Christmas, and the insane behaviors brought about by Black Friday exemplify this. The nation seems to have forgotten the reason we celebrate Christmas.

Christmas is not about who receives the best gift or whose house is decorated the best. Long gone is the day when nativity scenes where put up in every yard and attending Church on Christmas was the main event of the day. Instead, Americans now purchase Santa and his elves to place throughout their yard and some churches don’t even hold service on Christmas because they have such a low turnout.

Christmas is a Christian holiday, just as Hanukkah is Jewish. Generally only Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah, so why do so many people who are not Christian celebrate Christmas? Somewhere along the line, it seems that Christmas became a commercial holiday that most people celebrate just for the heck of it. Christmas is so much more than that, Christmas is meant to be a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the savior of all of mankind. The birth and death of Christ ensures that everyone has the opportunity to spend their eternity in Heaven. Americans have gotten too caught up in commercialism to realize this, and Christmas seems to have become an excuse to blow money, and an unfortunate reason to get together with family.

Several NLA students were asked if they celebrate Christmas, all of them said yes. They were then further asked why; most students responded that it was just a family tradition and nothing more than that. Others said it was something their grandparents celebrate, and they just join in the fun. One student seemed to have the right idea, when asked why they celebrate Christmas they responded, “Because of church…” Wanting more I prompted her further, “What do you mean by Church?” “Well you know, like religion.” Again, I wanted more, “What about your religion?” She responded a bit uncertainly, “Well you know… the birth… of… ummmm… you know…  Dang! What’s his name….JESUS!”  Certainly someone celebrating Christmas should at least know the name the man who brought about this holiday!

Society has been drifting further and further from knowing the reason for celebrating Christmas. Rather than celebrating the birth of the one who has saved us all from eternal damnation, Americans instead are turning this sacred holiday into a meaningless gathering. So this Christmas season as you are scrambling to buy gifts for you family, and frantically making plans to visit every relative you have, stop and think of the one who brought about this holiday. Are you honoring him in your celebrations? Or are you simply buying into consumerism?

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