Gaming before sleeping?

As teenagers grow older, their thoughts include staying up later. With technology advancing and new jobs, sleep is the last thing on their minds. One of the most common things that keeps a teenager from sleeping seems to be gaming.

Research shows that if you game before you go to bed, you actually lose sleep. Michael Gradisar, a child sleep psychologist, studied the gaming habits of 17 boys. He noted that when they played for 150 minutes, they lost on average 27 minutes total of sleep, and a 39 minute delay on going to bed. He also noted that they were awakened several times throughout the night. Some of the teens only played for 50 minutes and it only took 22 minutes for them to fall asleep, which is normal for the age range.

“So clearly there’s a limit to how much you should play before bed.” Gradisar said.

NLA students are skeptical of the theory.

“I don’t really believe that we would lose sleep. I’ve never experienced losing sleep, and I really wouldn’t know [it if I did] either,” said Zack Jones (10).

Mike Sletten (12) also disagrees.

“I don’t think that I would lose sleep from playing my video games. I really don’t care what they say either. I’m going to keep playing my games.”

It seems that the kids in our class don’t either believe or want to believe. I guess the choice is yours.

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