LeeAnn Chin Review

I recently had the opportunity to eat out at the famous LeeAnn Chin restaurant. It had been a while since I had been there and I could not even remember what I had eaten the last time I was there. I could not remember if I liked it or not. I was happily surprised at how wonderful all the food tasted.

P21875 CHINESE PG16LeeAnn Chin actually was not a cook when she started her career. Unknown to me, was that LeAnn was a seamstress by trade in her early adult years. LeAnn was however, to the likeness of Martha Stuart, known to be a great hostess. She served amazing meals and hors d’oeuvres  to her family and guests. Her entertainment menu was so fantastic that she started getting requests from people to do catering. Her catering business grew quickly and demand started to swell for her delicious Mongolian, Hunan and Szechuan style foods. LeeAnn then found people asking her to show them how to prepare these wonderful meals. It was not long before LeeAnn found herself teaching cooking classes in Edina, Minnesota. The restaurant was to follow in only a matter of time. The demand for LeeAnn’s foods was widespread and she started offering the savory dishes in fast food style to places like Dayton’s Department store and eventually her foods were in Lund’s and Byerlie’s food stores across the twin cities. LeeAnn Chin has about 40 outlets now. She has made it available in sit-down or take-out style.

Some of her popular dishes are her Bourbon chicken, Orange chicken and her variety of Mongolian soups such as the popular egg drop. She also has delicious dumplings for sale. If you are a rice lover, there are varieties of that as well. LeeAnn Chin has fresh desert yogurts for sale along with an offering of fresh fruits for toppings. You can always count on a special fortune cookie, making it just a whole lot more fun. LeeAnn’s foods are not only known for quality, but LeeAnn Chin’s restaurants are also known for maintaining good pricing.

LeeAnn Chin passed away on March 10, 2010, in Seattle, Washington. Her legacy lives on in all the traditional and flavorful recipes being prepared in the approximate 40 locations serving people in all styles of life each day.

I enjoy going to LeeAnn Chins restaurants because I love that style of cooking. The smells when I walk in the door entice me to sit down and eat everything on the menu. I love egg rolls and dipping sauces. I also look forward to the fortune cookies in the end, even when they don’t say anything I understand. I love the convenient locations as our family can stop there after shopping at Riverdale and take some of our favorite dishes home. I wish LeeAnn could still be here so she could teach me how to prepare all her favorite dishes and give me tips on planning a party. LeeAnn Chin is a very admirable person and had a huge impact on the Twin Cities and beyond. Her sharing her cooking and talents are missed.

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