NLA teachers as high school students: part 2

Teachers are odd beings, even here at NLA where students and teachers are so close us students still don’t know much about them. Of course we gather bits and pieces here and there, but the general personality of the teacher remains hidden. To gather insight on a person it is always wise to look at their past, and that is exactly what we have done. Here is a full article on, and only on, what the teachers of North Lakes Academy were like in high school.

In high school, Mr. Stottler (Math) wasn’t part of a single clique – he was a part of them all. Every day he “roamed” around the halls of his high school talking to anyone and everyone. This isn’t to say he didn’t have close friends, he did, but he still socialized with all his classmates. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Stottler was popular. Despite being popular Mr. Stottler did not describe himself the same way popular TV shows portray the popular kids. He did play sports, but beyond that the resemblance is unseen. School was easy, he was drama free, and he was a HUGE prankster. (Next time you see him ask him to tell you some stories – they are hilarious!) Compared to students at NLA, Mr. Stottler said that he had the, “academic success of Noah Branum, the social aspect of John Bauer, the wit of Tim Skalsky, and the fashion of Mike Sletten.”

Mrs. Duncan (Math) was much like Mr. Stottler in the sense that she too was a social butterfly talking to anyone and everyone. She also was very academically successful and described herself as “a good kid”. Mrs. Duncan was part of almost every group, club, or sport there was including band, softball, and planning her senior prom, to name a few. Although on the outside she may have seemed sweet, Mrs. Duncan gave her teachers sass like no other. When comparing herself to current students at NLA, she claimed to have had the athletics and brains of Kirsten Thiele, and the sassiness of Ira.

Mr. Saunders (Science) was much more of an introvert than our math teachers had been. He described himself as “the quiet kid in the back of the room” who didn’t like a lot of public attention.  Mr. Saunders had a few friends whom he was close to and did not describe himself as a roamer or a floater. He loved sports and was good at them too. Mr. Saunders admits that although he got good grades he really only did what he had to do to get an A. When asked to compare himself to a current student at NLA he said he took on the brains and quietness of Ashley Loomis, and the intense sportiness of Miranda McGlade.

Mr. Good, the other mad scientist in the building, was much like Mr. Saunders. He was an introvert and kept to himself most of the time. He spent much more of his time doing things with his church than he did with his high school, so the sooner he could get out of there the better. Mr. Good was a fan of sports, playing hockey and participating in cross country. Being very academically successful Mr. Good did PSEO during his junior and senior years and actually spent little to no time at his high school his senior year. When asked to compare himself to a current student, or students, at NLA, he said he had the quietness of Evan Svenkenson (11), and the studiousness of Braden VanVleet (9).

More teachers will be featured next week, so keep your eyes peeled and minds on the ready!

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