Teachers in High School, Part 3


Once again the hidden high school personalities of our beloved teachers are being exposed! After reading this article you will never be able to look at your teachers (or your children’s teachers) in the same way. Many have come leaps and bounds from where they were in high school; others have stayed completely the same. It is up to you to determine which ones are which.

Cheri (also known as Mrs. Cheri or Mrs. Jensen), while not actually a teacher here at NLA, has a huge influence on everyone here. Running the front desk and coaching cheerleading, Cheri has impacted everyone in a positive way. Currently Cheri attends church every Sunday and is a strong believer in God. Now one would guess that Cheri grew up as a model student, straight A’s and all that jazz. But that is where you are wrong my friend. Contrary to popular belief Cheri wasn’t the best kid ever, in her own words she was, “A horrible child, I made my mom earn every single grey hair she has.” Cheri admits that she was suspended from school more than she was actually in it and when she was there she was the smartest alic you ever did know.  She was great at spots and loved them too, only trying out for the boy’s teams, and often making it too, only to quit or be kicked off later on. It is inevitable for someone so “horrible” (Cheri’s words) to have some great stories! So next time you pass by the front desk be sure to ask her to tell you some! And lastly, when asked to compare herself to a current student at NLA Cheri claims that, “No one here compares, I was waaaay worse than them all!”

On the other end of the spectrum we have Mrs. Thielen, who admits she was very much a “wallflower.” Mrs. Thielen described herself as being very quiet and very much an introvert. She loved to read and could often be found in the back of the classroom reading the day away. She also had a love of conspiracy theories; if you have a conspiracy she is the one to go to! Mrs. Thielen didn’t describe herself as athletic and she didn’t play very many sports during her high school career. As many of us now know Mrs. Thielen is a successful teacher at North Lakes Academy high school, who went from introvert to extrovert in 10 years or less! When asked to compare her high school self to a current student at North Lakes Academy Mrs. Thielen said she was very much like the quiet introverted side of Breanna Knutson. She also said she had a bit of Cody Miller in her, but only because they share a common love of conspiracy theories.

Mrs. Jenson had a social life much lake that of Mr. Beimert or Mr. Stottler, both of which she went to high school with; they were covered in previous articles. She was not “cliquey” and didn’t have a designated group that she “belonged” to. Mrs. Jenson says she was “pretty outgoing and I would say I was the kind of person who was friends with everybody.” Being a part of the National Honors Society, Mrs. Jenson received great grades and was very studious. Aside from being a smart social butterfly, Mrs. Jenson was also athletic, playing soccer all year round because she was crazy about it! Although her team was not very good and winning was a rarity, Mrs. Jenson made some great friends through her love of the sport.  During her senior year Mrs. Jenson was voted class clown so if you need some cheering up she is the place to go! When asked to compare herself to a current student at NLA Mrs. Jenson said she was a goofball much like Nick Carey and she had the athletic, studious side of Abbey Millerbernd.

Mrs. O’Keefe is the NLA upper-school art teacher who has carried her love of art with her all the way from high school. In high school Mrs. O’Keefe was a part of many clubs, sports, and groups, some of her favorites were theater,  basketball, track, and cross-country. Mrs. O’Keefe was also very extroverted, like Mrs. Jenson, and was friends with a lot of people. Although she loved sports and other activities, Mrs. O’Keefe didn’t care much about her grades and as a result had mostly B’s and C’s. Since high school Mrs. O’Keefe has had a drastic change in style, the only way to describe her high school attire is with one word: punk.  That’s right, the seemingly sweet, innocent Mrs. O’Keefe that we know now used to be punk. When asked to compare herself to a current student at NLA Mrs. O’Keefe said she had the wackiness and the non-caring attitude of Kaylee Krogstad and the wit and humor of Allan Whitney, with a little bit of Hailey Mason mixed in there.

There you have it, the high school versions of our very own teachers. Of course that wasn’t all of them, check out my other articles for more of the inside scoop on our teachers’ pasts.

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