NLA teachers as high school students: Part 1

A new frontier, a strange new land, one that is exciting and enticing to all, a mystery waiting to be solved. What is this surprising discovery, this new subject matter that all want to know which could single handedly be the strangest thing you will hear (well, read) in your whole life?! You will know, but before you do you must do one quick thing, brace yourself, cause this is about to rock your world, but not in a creepy way! This article will bring to you the one thing that none of us have ever known…. What the teachers of North Lakes Academy were like in high school!

If you were standing I am sincerely sorry if you bumped your head after you fainted, but after all you were told to brace yourself. Now sit down with an ice pack and read on!

Mr. Nelson (Social studies) just so happened to be a lot like he is now when he was in high school. Having been a straight A student while taking college classes in high school, it is no surprise that Mr. Nelson became a history teacher. He wasn’t necessarily a jock, but he liked sports, and played them too. However, often when the team had cuts, he was one of the first to go. This minor setback didn’t hold him back from being voted Athlete of the Year in his school’s yearbook.  Mr. Nelson also described himself as a very social person who got along with everyone. Some of his best friends were the craziest people and they often made Jack$&% videos of themselves. (If you get lucky, and I mean very, very lucky, he might share a few with you! If he still has them that is…) Besides making crazy videos with his friends Mr. Nelson was also Prom King his senior year and also won the Principal’s Leadership Award. He was actually a bit of an award hog, as he was also voted Teachers Pet AND Best Dressed. When asked to compare himself to a current student at NLA he choose a few, saying he had the athletics of Shylo Stevens, the wacky side of Cody Miller, and the studious side of both Kenzie Hale and Laura Stolz.

Mr. Stewart (Social Studies) hasn’t lost a bit of his high school sociability. He was often referred to as the class clown and was much like Mr. Nelson springing from group to group talking to just about everybody! Mr. Stewart had a competitive part of him that came out when he played football and golf, both of which he was the captain of. He also showed off his skills by participating in competitive drumming! (Ask him to show his sweet skills sometime!) Mr. Stewart wasn’t only into sports and drumming though, says he was a huge Lord of The Rings and Star Wars fan also! According to him he “wore his nerd badge proudly, very proudly!” Mr. Stewart was a pastor’s kid and he felt the pressure of everyone’s expectations all the time. Whether he was trying to or not, he lived up to these with his good grades and great athletic abilities.  When asked to compare himself to a current student at NLA Mr. Stewart said he was a mix of the studious, smart side of Erin Daly with a little bit of her love for “nerdy” things, and the athletic and outgoing side of Shylo Stevens.

Mr. Beimert (Athletics) was athletic in the same way that Mr. Nelson was athletic: he loved sports and was good at them, but he wasn’t the classic jock.  He had plenty of friends to suit his needs, but he was by no means clique-y. Like many of the beloved teachers here at NLA got along with just about everyone while still having a great, close group of friends. Mr. Beimert has kept his social, outgoing self into the present and has brought his bubbly personality with him everywhere he goes. As a teacher he gets along great with his students and he is close friends with many of his coworkers. When asked to compare himself to a current student at North Lakes Academy, Mr. Beimert said he had the smarts of both Noah Branum and Ty Nosser along with Noah’s love for sports, and the sociability of Ty Nosser and Noah Branum.

As this article comes to a close the hope is that all who have read it discovered something new about a dear teacher of theirs. No, not every teacher was covered, however that doesn’t mean they won’t be. Feel free to check out next week’s article on Mr. Saunders, Mrs. Duncan, Mr. Good, and Mr. Stottler. Also, look out for next week’s article which will feature several more of the fabulous teachers of NLA!

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