Where are they now? The Alumni of NLA – Courtney Finch

Tried and true, all the way through! North Lakes Academy Husky Press is bringing to you an article about another one of our alumni Courtney Finch. Having graduated only last year, Courtney Finch is the freshest alumni of NLA yet!

After Courtney graduated from high school, she decided to take a much deserved get-away before divulging straight into college, so she spent this summer traveling around the U.S. with her family. They started their daring adventure right here in Minnesota and continued on to North Carolina, and then back again. After that, Courtney still hadn’t filled her vacation-sweet- tooth and decided to embark on another journey with her boyfriend and his dad to Montana. All-in-all Courtney spent over a month traveling around the country this summer and she refers to this time as, “the best memories of my life so far.”

After traveling, Courtney buckled down on her school work and joined Century College in hopes of obtaining her Associate of Arts degree. From there she plans on moving onto another college to earn her 4-year degree.  “After Mr. Saunders’ psychology class, I was really inspired to pursue that as a career, so in the future, that is what I see myself doing.” Currently Courtney is working as a Mad Scientist. Yes, you read that right, she is a Mad Scientist! She is not as crazy as some of her successors were, such as Albert Einstein, however, her job is brilliant. Courtney describes her job like this: “In a nutshell, I go out to elementary schools around the metro area and teach kids K-6 about science and why it’s fun and I just generally get them excited about it. I couldn’t imagine a better job for myself, and not only that, but my job lets me have crazy hair. Right now, my hair is bright pink.”

Courtney says working and college are different from NLA because she feels more self-sufficient in her current position. “I feel like NLA was a good stepping stone in my life, but now is the time to make my own path in the world.”

In preparing Courtney for her new path she says that NLA helped her realize what type of person she is and what her life goals should be. North Lakes also did an excellent job in helping Courtney overcome many obstacles and has helped greatly in preparing her for the “real world”. “I would like to thank many of the staff at North Lakes because they have been so helpful in teaching me everything I needed to know, and not only that, but they cared about what they were teaching me, and that really meant the world.”

North Lakes was no cup of tea though, once Courtney entered the “real world” she felt as if she had stumbled upon it and had a hard time adjusting, almost like when Alice stumbled upon Wonderland. Things that are “no-brainers” to the adults around us were hopelessly confusing to Courtney. Applying for jobs, colleges, and financial aid all threw her though a loop. Courtney was able to find her way through the whole mess just fine, however she wishes NLA would have done more in preparing her for these things so that the jump after high school wasn’t so great. “I think NLA should just have a class that teaches you all about practical things like that, where you learn what you need to do to apply for different colleges and things like that.”

Courtney is currently loving-up-life and describes the way she lives as, “My life is really fun. Every day is a new adventure and I never ever know what’s going to happen, so I live my life day to day, excited to see what’s going to happen next!”

Courtney is no longer our equal. She is something more; therefore, we should deeply digest her advice. She offers this food for thought: “Don’t spend the money you get from graduation all in one place. Save it for college books and stuff. Prepare yourself now for college because it’s gonna be a long haul. Pick a career that you’ll love and not a job that you only do for the money. Life is always better when you’ve got a few good friends. And always be yourself.”

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