Former British Prime Minister Margret Thatcher Passes Away

UnknownFormer Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died on Monday, at the age of 87 of a stroke. At the time of her death, she was staying at the Ritz Hotel in London.

Thatcher was the first and only woman to ever be elected Prime Minister. She was an incredibly influential woman, and was given the nickname “The Iron Lady” because she stood firmly in what she believed, and wasn’t shaken.

When students at North Lakes Academy were asked if they knew who Thatcher was, only 14% actually knew more than just her name. Several of the 50 students interviewed said that they thought she was an actress of some kind.

On the flip side of the survey, students were asked if they knew who Adolf Hitler was, and shockingly 100% of the 50 students asked knew much more than his name, but several of his life accomplishments. They knew him as the German leader during WWII, and that he was responsible for the Holocaust.

It is really sad that if you want to be remembered by the public in today’s society you have to do something terrible or gruesome. It seems less likely to be remembered if you are one of the good guys, no matter how much good you do.

Britain mourns the death of the Iron Lady, as does much of the world. Rest in peace, Margaret Thatcher.

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