Billboard Concerning Fate Stirs Response

A billboard was recently erected across from the North Lakes Academy high school. Normally, this isn’t news. But this particular billboard has raised many unanswered questions. It features, on the top, a question stating “If you die tonight:” and beneath it are two options. “Heaven,” shown in a beautiful blue light, or “Hell,” shown red with the flames of eternal damnation. This billboard refuses to mince words and has stirred many responses among the student body, who can indeed see it from inside the classroom. In classrooms on the other side, students may see another billboard concerning abortion which has been there for as long as most can remember. Due to its extended presence, many shrug it off in time. The same can be assumed if the religious billboard stays.
“That’s sort of weird placement, don’t you think? How to make kids sit and question their fate while they’re learning in class,” says Kari Achenbach, a mother.
Some students have attempted to call the phone number featured at the bottom and have discovered it is by a local religious group. One student retells her phone experience.
“I was automatically redirected to some sort of pastor. He asked what he could do for me today and I asked ‘How can I get into Heaven?’ so he’s like ‘Well, if you have been reborn and believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior’ and he went on for like a minute and I could not keep up with what he was saying so I finally said ‘I’m a Leviathan Satanist,’ and hung up.”
While the response has ranged from outrage to friendly acceptance to mocking humor and everything in-between, the billboard looks to be here to stay through thick and thin as it has been up for around two-and-a-half weeks. Perhaps the students in high school currently will be able to graduate with the lovingly dubbed ‘Hell billboard’ still standing strong across from the public school. Many question its presence but as an individual, I hope it remains so I may look upon it and point it out to friends because did they not consider placement¬†at all?¬†

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