Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

teacher-appreciation-weekSince this week is Teacher Appreciation Week, I thought I’d find out just what NLA students appreciate about our teachers:

Kassie Helke (10) “A lot of them want you figure things out on your own. I appreciate that. So thank you for not force-feeding me!”

Cody Warren (11)  – “I like how the teachers (generally speaking) are very relaxed. They provide you with everything you need to be successful, but don’t force education down your throat. If you want to blow a class off they let you, it’s your choice and they don’t force you. Special shout out to Mr. Saunders, Mr. Nelson, and Mrs. Thielen, for giving education a genuine appeal.”

Sammie Ostlund (10) – “They’re really open to helping you. And they know everyone on a personal level.”

Branden Flasch (11) – “The teachers here teach you to set your standards high and not let yourself fall short, just by living by example.”

Miss Abigale Millerbernd (11) – “I really like how involved the teachers get with the students. It’s not even intentionally, the students just allow them into their lives.”

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