New Teacher Profile: Meet Ms. Luchsinger

Why did you pick NLA?

I taught in public schooling for eight years and I was attracted to the charter division.

What college did you attend?

I went to the University of Minnesota Duluth and the University of Wisconsin Superior.

 Do you have any hobbies or interests?

I like photography, playing with my dogs (Henry and Elsa), cooking, and being outdoors in the summer (not the winter!)

Why did you choose art?

I was going to be an English teacher but my English teacher said that I was not a good enough reader to be one, so I cried to my art teacher and she said that you do not have to be the best, but you do have to love art to teach it.

Anything else you might want your students and fellow faculty members to know?

I love Rainbows, Glitter, Unicorns, and Cheese!

What are other staff members’ first impressions of Ms. Luchsinger?

Nelson: “She seems to be cool, creative, and innovative!”

Thielen: “I haven’t had time to properly meet her but she seems nice and she has a cool tattoo on her shoulder.”

Good: “Although I have not met her I think that anyone at North Lakes Academy is an awesome person!”

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