American or Import? Explaining the Debate.

Ever since the 60s there has been competition between all car owners. The competition is there a replacement for displacement? Basically, what matters more, a big engine or a suped-up engine?

Back in the 60s and 70s muscle cars were the fad. With a large V-8 engine they were the fastest cars of their time. They had more than enough power and a body heavy enough to support it. Their transmissions were geared extremely low which allowed the cars to be quick of the line. Because of this feature, it left the car with a low top speed that was around 90mph. Although they were quick, they were not fast enough for the kids of the 90s who were craving a car with more speed.

During the start of the 90s more and more cars were imported and made by foreign countries. These cars were made cheap. With small engines and light bodies, they were not known for speed. It didn’t take long for people to demand more speed in their cars. Aftermarket companies were quick to help out. Selling a wide range of parts, these companies allowed these light weight, small engine cars to become lightweight, suped-up cars. With parts like turbos cars still didn’t have the power to leave the line like a V-8 but rather go up to speeds around 160mph.

This is were the argument starts, what matters more. The quick-to-get-going of the V-8s or the high top speed of foreign cars. In the end its all personal opinion, but the argument still stands between many. While many middleagers enjoy the powerful cars they grew up with, modern generations are quickly leaning towards the high speeds and design of imports.

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