Fantasy Geopolitics Classes Available to NLA

Fantasy Geopolitics has reached success founder and teacher Eric Nelson had never expected. Through his perspective on life and work ethics, this “Top 20” teacher has taken a simple idea and expanded on it creating success. Fantasy Geopolitics is getting more popular by the day, and constantly students are becoming intrigued with the idea of the game. Now to take this product to a whole new level, Nelson is teaching it as a second semester class to students at NLA.

This is the first time North Lakes Academy has used this Fantasy Geopolitics idea and based it around an entire class. Fantasy Geopolitics has been used briefly in Civics and some History courses, but this upcoming semester it will be based around a class. Fantasy Geopolitics will be up for grabs as an elective, and it’s already taking priority as an elective choice for a lot of students.

“It’ll be like a learn about the world, learn about business, and help me help you class. We’re going to try to do all those things and have some fun,” Nelson said regarding the class.

The purpose of this class, and Fantasy Geopolitics as a whole, is to get students interested in the world they live in. Nelson believes Fantasy Geopolitics is not just successful at teaching students about the world, but it makes them interested in learning.

“It’s a time where we can use, about getting curious about the world we live in, and once you get curious it usually takes a little more time to learn, and I think Fantasy Geopolitics does this in a more efficient way.” Fantasy Geopolitics gets students interested in the world they live in according to Nelson. “They’ll [students] will be learning because they want to, not because I’m teaching them in a Fantasy Geopolitics class.”

Because of this class’s effectiveness in reaching out to students and creating this curiosity in them, Mrs. Saunders has allowed this class to become a semester class. Fantasy Geopolitics will be used throughout time, here at NLA,  to help students become more successful. The  more successful Fantasy Geopolitics for students, the more accessible and easier it will be available to the students.

Make sure to submit for Fantasy Geopolitics as a class for next semester if you are interested. If you’re not sure about the class, get information and check out the FaceBook page.

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