First Friday Freshmen Forum

Over the last Friday and Tuesday the freshmen were invited to the Freshmen Forum with Mrs. Saunders. This event is where Mrs. Saunders picks out classical movies for the freshmen to watch and discuss over. Mrs. Saunders said

“I love it when students start to see all the layers in a classic film for themselves.”

Eddie and the Cruisers was the first movie on the list. During which there was also popcorn available for 75 cents, all thanks to the seniors who were in charge of the booth.

There has been one problem that has occurred throughout the past years, scheduling. Last year freshmen forum was on a Friday, in that case you would’ve taken two periods out of your day to watch the movie. This year is different, the staff have decided that they will be taking one hour on Fridays and one hour on Tuesdays to watch the movies. Hoping not to jeopardize important class hours.

Mrs. Saunders started this event because since the ninth graders were coming from the middle school, she felt that they needed to know who she was. Since Saunders was becoming to be someone very important in their high school experience, she wanted to get to know them more. Mrs. Saunders also heard about how kids were watching junk T.V. and there was research about “visual literacy”. These two ideals formed together created the freshmen forum, which Doc Ford loves to attend. The first forum this year has been a great success with responses like “It was great” and “really fun”.

Below is a list of movie the freshmen will be watching throughout the year:


On The Waterfront

Rebel Without a Cause

The Buddy Holly Story

In The Heat Of The Night

Eddie and The Cruisers

Scorpion King (clips)

Viva Las Vegas (clips)

The Graduate (probably clips)

To Sir With Love

Rocky (Rocky 1 and clips)

Miracle On Ice (clips)

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