Secret Santa Holiday Special

Each year Mr. Stewart assigns a petition process to his 9th grade students; this year, one of the ideas was an Upper School Secret Santa exchange. Making this project happen is Heather Quarnstrom (9), Annabelle Wright (9), and Jenna Fyksen (9) with assistance from the Ambassadors Club.The group has passed out surveys and is making plans to get this event to work successfully.

The point of the exchange is to have everyone come closer, to spread Christmas cheer, and get to know each other better. For a donation of $10 (for the gift) any NLA Upper School student can participate.

To make sure there was interest in this event, the group sent around a petition, which yielded nearly 60 signatures.  That gave the group a green light to kick this project into high gear. A meeting with the Ambassadors was held during Monday’s during lunch to get all the details in order.

The lesson from the petition project is that everyone can make a difference anywhere. This is an example of an idea that a group made up and it is now coming true. More updates will announced in the coming weeks.

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