Thanksgiving traditions

It is almost everyone’s favorite holiday – Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a day for giving thanks, shopping, and eating the most amazing food. ¬†Everyone has their own special traditions; here are some of the traditions of people in North Lakes Academy:

“Everyone in my family brings the same food every year” said Chelsie Rosa (10).

Logan Haller (10) plays the game “Round Robin Ping Pong” with his family each Thanksgiving. In this game, there is a ping pong table and a person at each end. Each person hits the ball once, then runs to the other side of the table and waits his or her turn to hit it again. If you hit a ball out, you are eliminated until the next game. You keep playing till there is one winner left. ¬†“It gets to be a really chaotic, loud fun time!” Haller said.

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