ISS or OSS, Why Not Both?

Many schools follow one path when it comes to suspension, In School Suspension(ISS) or Out of School Suspension(OSS). North Lakes Academy is debating whether to introduce a third option: suspension at the Forest Lake Youth Service Bureau.

Allowing this form of OSS has it’s pros and cons. One day of OSS at the Bureau would cost $30, but North Lakes Academy says that it would be willing to chip in half, only costing a family $15. For an additional fee, Semesteral Therapy options would be available.

Ignoring the small fee, this form of OSS helps students and families greatly. It allows the parents to still attend their jobs without having to sit at home and make sure their children behave. Secondly, it would allow a much meaningful and hands on suspension, helping a student mature much more. Although it’s not official yet, this option is proving to be a controversial concept.

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