North Lakes Academy First Basketball 1K

Tuesday, January 21st, Christopher Rosencrantz hit 1000 points in his basketball career during the NLA boys varsity game against Minnesota State Deaf Academy. Rosencrantz does not attend NLA, but he does play for the boys basketball team alongside other homeschool students that also play for the Huskies organization.

Rosencrantz(12), number 22, is the team’s starting point guard. He has been playing basketball since he was in the first grade and has been playing for NLA for three years. He is the first NLA basketball player to hit 1000 points. “It [reaching 1000] made me happy because I reached a goal that I really wanted to get.” Rosencrantz stated, regarding his completed milestone.

This year has potential to be huge for the NLA boys varsity basketball team. Jake Ozment(12) is also getting close to reaching 1000 career points. If Jake can average 20 points a game he can also hit 1000 points in his career this year. Jake has averaged 33 points the last three games he’s played, and he is well on his way to reaching 1000 points.

Everyone is very proud of Christopher and his incredible accomplishment. Huskie fans, who attended the game, showed their pride for NLA’s starting point guard that night.

“I’m happy I have reached this mile stone. I appreciate everyone that was there to support me including my family”(Rosencrantz).


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