The NLA Girls Basketball varsity and JV teams headed to Ogilvie, Minnesota on the 20th for a tournament. The team was excited for the event.

“I personally was excited for Ogilvie it gives us good practice to play against better teams because it shows us just how hard we can push ourselves even if we never win. It also is a good team bonding opportunity,” said Katie Alamo (10).

Because the team left a little later, upon arrival they went straight to a school for the JV game against Ogilvie. The game ended in a loss for the JV Huskies, but there were more games to play.

For their first game, the varsity girls also faced up against Ogilvie. This game was a struggle for the Huskies, who lost by 54 points at a final score of 11-75.

”[It] was a fun game for me. We lost by a ton, but I don’t believe we ever gave up,” Ogilvie said.

The girls did okay considering the team was in pretty rough shape, with five or six girls out ill. Luckily, all except one of the sick players were still able to go to the tournament, including Alex Munkelwitz. Munkelwitz had the stomach flu, but came into school 4th block, enabling her to go to Ogilvie.

Starting point guard Liv Dufour (10) was unfortunately unable to come after coming down with strep.

“I really wish i could have gone and been with the team,” said Dufour.

The second game, which was against Red River, was tough for the girls. The match ended with a big loss for the Huskies at a score of 7-72. Isabel Thompson (9) mentioned that the opponents “played very aggressively” and added that they were very “pushy”.

“I thought we did well; we definitely could have done better,” Alamo said, “but not having our starting point guard and having the majority of the team sick I believe we did okay. We never expected to win, we expect the team to lose actually, but it gives us a drive to go against girls who are far better.”

The team, even after having two great players graduate, came into the tournament better than the year before.

“The team has improved a lot since last year with our passing skills, our defensive skills, and our offense,” said Abbey Millerbernd (12) one of the captains. “The game is a lot better with our defensive skills and being able to move quickly as the opposite team passes the ball.”

Though the Huskies didn’t win any of their games, they worked hard, gained experience, and got closer as a team. Each year the players come back with good attitudes and stronger friendships with each other than before.

“There’s always room for improvement,” Emma Sosa (9) said. “The Ogilvie tournament was a great example of that. But we did work hard. It was a good team bonding experience, for the most part.”

“I think that Haley Hutchinson (11) did a great job of being tough on defense, and putting some shots up,” Sosa added. “She’s a hard worker and doesn’t give up.”

“I was happy to leave because I was still sick and tired,” said Munkelwitz (11) with a laugh.

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