Remembering NLA 2013

2013 has been a fantastic year for North Lakes Academy. For students, teachers, and staff, it has been an incredibly enjoyable year.

The school has acquired permission to build an activity center, which will come in handy for the school in many ways. This decision has brought NLA a lot of attention, which has boosted the school’s popularity. NLA is finally beginning to become known throughout the city of Forest Lake, and beyond.

The Halloween dance was a huge hit this year with new art teacher Melissa Luchsinger in charge. Many people thought it was much better, and more enjoyable, than the previous year. It is still talked about and many students are looking forward to next year.

Everywhere you go, from hall to hall, classroom to classroom, students are happy. The year of 2013 was good for many students, and all only look brighter into the future in 2014!

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