Student Of The Week

The Husky Press is starting a Student of the Week story that spotlights different students each week at the upper campus. These articles will contain information about the students, and help you get to know your fellow classmates! This week’s student spotlight goes out to Dylan Klein(11).

Years At NLA: This is my first year at North Lakes, so I’ve been here a half of a year.

Favorite Color: That’s a personal question I’d rather not answer… but my favorite colors are blue, red and green.

Favorite Thing About NLA: My friends Noah Nei, Aaron Herr and Travis Fish.

What do you Want to do After High School: Umm…go to college…umm… yeah that’s it.

Something people don’t know about you: I don’t know…umm… I’m a pro skier and pro golfer and I’m better than Tiger Woods. Actually, I’m the white Tiger Woods.

Best Friend: My best friends are Noah Nei, Aaron Herr and Travis Fish.

Favorite Class: Lunch, because I get to see Travis… and Travis is a sexy beast.

Is there anything else you’d like to share: Noah and Travis are the cutest couple in school.


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