The Robotics Team 3D Printer

Cube0029-copy-1024x1024Imagine being able to make anything out of a strand of plastic. A code from a computer can turn that strand of nothing into almost any imaginable, inanimate object. That’s exactly what  3D printer does and now, North Lakes has one.

The second generation “Cube 3D Printer” was purchased by physics teacher and Robotics Team advisor Paul Good.  It uses melted ABS (plastic) and PLO (nylon) to print out objects. The machine produces thin sheets in the shape of the desired object. By layering these sheets, the object is formed.

The machine will be mostly used by the Robotics Team for producing small, unattainable parts, though it will also be used for fundraising events for North Lakes Academy. Although it may seem like a toy, this 3D printer carries many possible academic benefits.

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