Construction Workers MIA at NLA

Production seems to have mysteriously stopped on the Upper School Activity Center. The center, which had been progressing rapidly up until mid-December, is to be finished by next year. NLA had become used to the sound of cement mixers and excavators working outside every day. Workers had even worked through the snow, starting “hobo” fires in metal buckets around the site. But one day the workers went missing, and just arrived back to finish the construction on Friday the 17th. Where did they go?

Theory 1: It’s too cold to work outside.

Most students accept this theory.  School has been cancelled due to cold weather this month and things have been slippery.

“It’s covered in like 10 inches of snow,” said Rayna Yaeger (10).

Katie Alamo (10) speculated that the construction workers don’t work in the winter.

“They probably don’t have to,” Alamo said.

Theory 2: It’s a conspiracy

Other students speculate that construction has stopped because plans have changed and there will not be a gym.

“It’s just like this thing to put it in our minds. They’re telling us that it’s going to happen… but it’s not,” said Josie Schlosser (10).

Schlosser didn’t speculate as to why administration would want to create such a conspiracy.

Other Theories:
“They went union.” -Logan Haller (10)

“I feel like aliens abducted them.” [I laugh] “I’m dead serious. There’s definitely been some weird stuff going on. Have you seen Travis [Fish] (10)? There’s something inside him” -Noah Nei (10)

“They had to go get building permits.” – Branden Flasch (12)

“Watching Cody Warren and Derek Beatty fight over fantasy football became too boring.” – Chelsie Thielen, English teacher

North Dakota?!

Though all of these are good guesses, the truth lies in North Dakota.

“Our understanding is they went back to North Dakota for winter break,” said Cam Stottler, NLA’s Dean of Students.

It took them a bit longer than expected to get back and the school really can’t do anything about it.

“This piece of the construction is handled by our building landlord. NLA has nothing to do with the timing, who does the construction, and the timeline for it,” Stottler said.

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