Acting Casting

Casting for this Year


Since February 4th, Laura Delvillar (known as Mrs. DvD) has been hosting auditions and callbacks for the casting for this years play. The cast is quite large, as it includes both upper and middle schoolers.  This includes Ashley Millerbernd(10), Kyle Spillman(10), Logan Haller(10), Skye Hampton(10), Spencer Hammerstein(11) Katie Christianson(12) and many others, including more middle schoolers.  Although Mrs. DvD doesn’t want to share too much of what the play contains. Although, some information can be shared. The play will about a comedic story of peasant who becomes a gladiator. There is an incredible amount of comedy within the play.

To give you a taste of the play’s comedy, here’s an example. Towards the beginning of the play, Haller and Hammerstein will have to cross dress as girls to get into the ‘palace’ to see the Princess (Christianson). It all ends up going downhill from there. They don’t have any remote social intelligence and fail to talk to any body without embarrassing everyone. However, Hammerstein is frequently complimented on his beautiful, feminine, skin. He also gives advice to the Princess as to how he got his beautiful skin. Basically, he tells her to shove a cream pie in her face and let it marinate for a while before taking it off.

Hammerstein is actually excited for this part. He even said, “I can’t wait to see what I get to wear!”

Both the play performance and practice dates are unspecified. Mrs. DvD is still casting all of the extras and some of the major roles. More information will be available as the casting progresses.

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