Exercise science with Biemert

What is Exercise Science?

Exercise Science is a class taught by Jeff Biemert, our school’s Physical Educator and Athletic Director. It is an elective class where you can receive a Physical Education credit.

Students aren’t always sure if he even knows what he is talking about, but they are currently “learning” about anatomy. Later students will be learning about physiology. Since it is only the first few weeks of class, they are not as in depth and involved as they may be later on.

As all students know, Beimert is easily distracted. Also, he is very easy to get off task, which makes his class very fun for students. Biemert is very hands on, which helps students learn more effectively. He uses students for demonstrations, and the entire class is very open discussion.

There isn’t much to say based off the first week of class. Exercise Science students are learning about the human body. They will continue to the next few class periods.


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