Flappy Bird Takes NLA by Storm


This week a new app has taken the world by storm. Flappy Bird. Flappy bird is a game in the app store with simple graphics. The objective of the game is very simple. All you have to do is keep your bird in the air by tapping the screen and navigate the bird in between tubes. This app is just a basic game with a very simple goal. Well at least it sounds simple.

Many students at NLA are obsessed with the addictive app and can’t stop playing it. Travis Fish (10) is one of these addicts, and when asked why he likes Flappy Bird so much, he said while playing the game, “I don’t know… After this game.”.  He seems to enjoy the game, but most students are just flat out frustrated with the game.

“I downloaded Flappy Bird on a snow day and it took a whole day to get past two. It makes me want to kill myself. I also get competitive with other students like Dylan Klein (11) and Evan Nei (9) and they’re good and they make me sad because I can’t get over 30 and they have like 50.” Kaylee Krogstad (12)

“Flappy Bird makes me want to shoot babies! I’m kidding! But it has taken over my life and I think I’m an addict.” Haley Hutchinson (11)

“I hate this game! Oh my God I get so frustrated.” Ashley Millerbernd (10)

As you can see, many students at NLA put all of their emotions into Flappy Bird. Whether it’s excitement because they broke their record, being focused on weaving through the tubes or frustration because of their low score, everyone at NLA has something to say about Flappy Bird.


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