Formal Dress Shopping

With the winter formal only days away, formal dress shopping has begun.  A lot of girls went shopping over the four-day weekend to find the perfect dress that just might get them a slow dance with that special guy.

Dresses come in many styles and colors. For some reason, however, black – for part or all of the dress – seems to be a trend this year, along with flowing, sparkling designs.  Fancy purses or clutches are a popular accessory.

It is not often that a girl does not find the perfect dress – though they often don’t find exactly what they were originally looking for. Josie Schlosser (10) was looking for a blue dress and ended up with a black one. This is not always a bad thing – sometimes a girl finds the best dress that way.

To find dresses, NLA girls went all over.  Macy’s, JCPenney, and stores at the Maplewood Mall were common. Some even ventured to the Mall of America.  But the day was not done with finding the dress; some, like Sophie Crowell (10) and Maddy McDonough (9) plan to travel even further to find the right jewelry, makeup, and shoes.

Although accessories are not the most important part of formal dress, they can really make the outfit.  Schlosser not only found black wedges, but a gold clutch and belt, along with matching black earrings and a necklace.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how you find the dress.  Maybe it’s not your first choice or you just happen to find it, or your dad picks it out.  Formal Night is always a fun time; it’s always enjoyable to dress up and dance with friends.

Hope to see you at the dance – with or without bells – on February 15.

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