Frustration Over the New Gym

Many students have become quite frustrated with the delay on the gym and the promises that were made to them. Students were promised with the new gym by the 2013/2014 basketball season, but now the season is coming to an end and the gym is only partly finished. Students are also questioning the sponsor NLA was supposed to have, and also wondering how NLA will come up with the money to finish the gym.

The promises have been made but where’s the truth. NLA students are wondering when we are truly going to have this gym. The reason for the delays is due to the unusually cold winter, but students are hoping that they will finish it soon.

According to Mrs. Saunders “The hope is to graduate the seniors in the gym but, there is a deposit on the church in case”

Students are also wondering what happened to the sponsor that was supposed to help pay for the gym. Students were told if there was family support, the sponsor would pay the other half. Now NLA is trying to raise money for the flooring, and students are becoming concerned on what is actually happening.

It  has to do with the law. Charter schools can’t own their own buildings. So the owner of this building is our sponsor for our gym. The owner is only donating money towards the creation of the outside, and it is up to the NLA community to raise the rest for the inside interior.That’s the reason why NLA is trying to raise money for the inside now.

Even though there has been many delays and struggles to have this gym, NLA must have hope in the creation of the gym.

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