NLA Adds Three School Days to School Year

This winter there have been many snow days not due to snow but due to the blistering cold. On February 11th, the School Board voted to add three school days to the calendar: February 17th (A Day), March 7th (A Day), and March 31st (B Day).

NLA is not the only school that is adding days. Most major districts have added anywhere from one to four school days to their calendar: Forest Lake, White Bear Lake, Osseo and Apple Valley are adding two days. Minneapolis Public Schools has added four days.

Students are less than thrilled about the decision. With the National History Day deadline coming up on February 25th, many had set aside the day off to work on projects. Others were just deeply disappointed there would be no impending long weekend.

“Oh screw that. Oh my God!” said Chelsea Halvorson (11).

Jordan Bakke (11) admitted he was disappointed when he learned school would be held on Monday.

Some students had absolutely no idea what was going on, like Parker Call (11), who responded to a query on his thoughts about the schedule change in the following way:

“Wait a minute… there’s three additional school days this year?”

This response represents another problem: the schedule change is pretty late-notice. Phone calls and email messages went home to families on Tuesday night at about 8:30 in an effort to warn people as early as possible, but many still are unaware.

So remember to come to school on the extra three days – even though you know you probably won’t.


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