Robotics at NLA

After completing their allotted 6 weeks of creating their robot, all the robotics team has to do is wait. About two weeks to be exact, until March 6th through the 8th. The competition is in Duluth, MN, and will challenge their robot in several two minute thirty second rounds based on points acquired.

This year, the robot has to be able to push, catch, and throw a ball.

“I feel this year it’s a lot more simple.” Hannah Quarnstrom said about the competition.

In last year’s competition the robot was required to catch and throw a frisbee.

Until the competition, the robotics team is not allowed to touch the robot. The robot, nicknamed “Mr.Bad”, will compete in March against 59 other robots.

Last year the robotics team competed alongside Forest Lake High School. This year however, they will be representing North Lakes Academy.

The team is being sponsored by Snap-on and NASA this year. NASA sponsors 500 rookie teams each year and this year NLA is one of them. NASA donated enough money to pay for the entrance fees and the robot building kit. Snap-on donated all the tools needed to put the robot together.

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