Seniors Getting Accepted Left and Right!

After working hard, keeping up with homework, and enduring their ACTs and SATs, the hard work has paid off: NLA’s seniors are beginning to receive their college acceptance letters and are announcing the news on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Two of the fortunate students that received acceptance letters are Abigale Millerbernd (12) and Kaylee Krogstad (12).

Millerbernd has been accepted to the College of Saint Scholastica and Saint Cloud State University; she applied at the University of Minnesota, but hasn’t heard anything. Millerbernd, who wants to study occupational therapy, chose Saint Scholastica over Saint Cloud.

“[It] gave me a $12,000 scholarship and it’s safer; plus its enrollment is smaller than most colleges,” Millerbernd said.

Krogstad has been accepted to University of Minnesota – Duluth, Hamline University, and St. Catherine University (St. Kate’s). She chose to go to UMD because she loves the campus and its location. Also it’s the best choice in terms of cost. Krogstad is unsure of what she plans for her future career, but knows exactly what direction she wants to take.

“My planned major is Biology, maybe with some Criminology & Anthropology minors. So something along those lines, like forensic anthropology,” Krogstad said.

Marshall Beyer (12) hasn’t been accepted to any colleges yet but mainly wants to go to Anoka Technical College for its highly rated machine program.

 “I want to be a machinist and eventually own my own engine building shop,” he said.

The seniors have a life changing decision to make. Some have chosen the college they dreamt of; some are still trying to pick. These students have a bright, challenging future ahead of them.

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