Speech: Coming Soon to NLA

After adding the Debate team last fall, North Lakes Academy is going to add a Speech team in February.  This diverse activity improves public speaking skills and looks great on college applications.

There is more to competitive speaking than giving an informational speech.  Competition has several different categories:

  • Dramatic Interpretation (“Dramatic Interp,” “Drama” or “DI”) is where five to seven performers each perform part of a published play, novel, or short story. Some are monologues, others require speakers to adopt the roles of many different characters by changing their tone, manner, and the position of their body to indicate a change in character.
  • Duo Interpretation (“Duo Interp” or “Duo”) involves a pair of performers acting out a short literary piece or program under certain restraints, such as not making eye contact or without props. This event can either be dramatic or humorous.
  • Humorous Interpretation (“Humorous Interp”, “HI”, “Humor”) consists of a piece from any published work, edited to fit within a 10-minute span with a 30-second grace period (it does not have a minimum and cannot be above 10:30). It is judged based upon how the person portrays his or her characters and whether the piece is humorous.
  • International Extemporaneous Speaking/Foreign International Extemporaneous Speaking (“International Extemp”, “Foreign Extemp”, “FX”, “FEX”, or “IX”) involves speaking about world affairs.
  • Original Oratory (“OO“) is where competitors deliver an original speech on a subject of their choosing, though the speech must be factual.
  • Extemporaneous Speaking (“Extemp”), is where speakers are offered three questions to answer based on current affairs. Topic areas generally include international and domestic policy, economic policy, and social or scientific issues.

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