Target Center Games

On Monday, February 17th, NLA’s basketball teams played against Spectrum High School at the Target Center in Minneapolis.

The girls’ team played very well and showed improvement, though they failed to secure a win.  The last time the teams met, NLA lost to Spectrum 9 to 46; on Monday night, the Huskies held the competition off better than before, more than doubling their score from the last game. The final score was 20-54.

Defensively, the girls did very well. They tried out two new defensive plays, both of which focused on cutting off their shooters.

NLA’s boys team played an exciting game that ended in a 66-64 win for the Huskies.  It was very close all they way through, causing the crowd to get into it with various chants and lots of cheering, clapping, and screaming. For the majority of the game, Spectrum was up by just a few points and regulation play ended with a tie. The game was still tied at the end of the four-minute overtime  until Derek Beatty (12) scored the winning point right as the buzzer went off.

“Way to make a game at the Target Center more exciting than the Timberwolves could for their own fans,” Upper School social studies teacher Chris Stewart told Beatty afterward.

Everyone had a great time playing at the Target Center. There are plans being made to do this again next year. Possibly, it will become a tradition.

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