9th grade emotions project

For the second year in a row, NLA’s 9th grade english teacher, Tom Lutes, is incorporating an emotion project into his curriculum.

“[The purpose] is to use the topics as a vehicle to teach students research skills and how to identify credibility of sources,” said Mr. Lutes.

According to Mr. Lutes, the emotion project satisfies many requirements of the State of Minnesota, completing many requirements at once. These requirements include computer competency, identifying credible resources, and writing 5-paragraph essays.

A struggle for students in this assignments is speaking in front of the class. The project requires a presentation with either a powerpoint or prezi as visual aid.

Said Mr. Lutes, “I know that many students hate speaking in front of their peers. But since every one of the projects in my class require public speaking, I have seen students growing and learning to cope with it”

As is the case for most projects, Mr. Lutes was impressed and disappointed with the student’s work.

“My impressions and disappointments ran the gamut this year, as is usual in the life of a teacher. I always hope that every student will turn in a project but, as they say, ‘you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.’”

“The emotion project also prompts students to examine human experiences and seek for an understanding that may or may not have been there before,” added Mr. Lutes, “So that means that students are increasing their capacity for compassion and empathy. “

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