Dodgeball Team

Over the last several years, many students at North Lakes Academy have expressed the desire to have a dodgeball team. However it has not been possible for many reasons, one of the bigger issues being there was not an adequate practice space and no one to Coach the team.

This year, however, a gym is being built at the upper school campus and is scheduled to be completed sometime this year. Therefore filing one of the major needs to start a dodgeball team at NLA.

However, the school would still need to find someone willing to coach the new dodgeball team. Eric Nelson said that he may be willing to coach the team, with some conditions. He believes that if this program were to work, the students would need to do the legwork and initiate the starting of the team. Nelson also brought up an interesting way to start the team.

He said, “Why not start with an in school game once the new gym is open and start small? It could be teachers vs. students.”

He was then asked why we should do this instead of going straight to a team.

Nelson replied, “Because its much harder for the teachers to say ‘no’ when they have experienced the fun of the game-or any activity And it will be a fun tradition that we could do that I think that everyone will enjoy. The reason why we would say no initially is because there are many obstacles like finance, equipment, staff, time, ect. that we would have to take into consideration. In other words, its a lot of work and the easy answer is no.  But again, if the students were willing to initiate the program, and do something like this, then you would have a greater chance of us saying yes to this.”

After this, Logan Hollar (10)  went and talked to some of the students at the upper school to see what they thought about not only having a dodgeball team, but about Nelson’s idea as well.

Colton (name)(12) said, “Well, it would definitely get the kids involved and it’s a sport that anybody can  play.”

This also touched on a significant point because dodgeball is in fact an easy sport. If we were to start one, maybe the school could also include a program in which their could be a middle school team as well.

Another important question that was addressed was when the school would participate in the sport.

Alex Wagner(10) said, “Maybe we could do year round rotations for all the different age levels if we make it school wide.”

This would make it easier on anyone who would coach the sport because they would have a lot less kids to manage, and there would be a chance for less cuts (if there were to be any) because the teams would be broken up into smaller groups.

Many students also like the idea of having a teachers vs student dodgeball game to raise awareness for the sport.

Zoe Deal(10) said, “It would be a good thing for everyone, great way to advertise the sport and open up the new gym. And everyone can play, but there should girls involved too, not just the guys.” This again reinforces what dodgeball is all about, everyone having fun and everyone playing.

The possibility of having a teacher vs students game is still just an idea up in the air, but it is beginning to take traction as well. Some student council members are considering it a possibility too.

As Nelson said, “We should start small..” the school doesn’t need to turn this into a huge competition sport. It should become a sport that everyone can play during their off season and if it does become a competition sport, then that should be a bounous.


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