This is the first year that the National History Day Nelson awards have been awarded to NHD participants for their hard work and dedication to their respective projects. The NHD awards are decided on by fellow classmates which make the awards even more special for the recipient. There were seven awards up for grabs this year. There was awards for the best website, the best documentary, the best exhibit board, the most creative project, the biggest procrastinator, most knowledgeable and the most likely to go to nationals. After students voted on who they thought deserved to win these awards, the votes were tallied and the winners were determined. The best website went to Ryan Olsen (10), the best documentary went to Noah Nei (10) and the best exhibit board went to Brandon Rowe (10). The most creative project went to Keeley Gray (10), the most knowledgeable on their topic went to Kallee Buske (10) and the biggest procrastinator went to Vinny Thies (11). The highest award given was the most likely to go to nationals award and that was awarded to Spencer Hammersten (11) for his performance.

When Noah Nei (10) was asked how he felt about winning the Nelson for the best documentary he said,

“It was quite a rewarding feeling, although I felt like I did not deserve it, it was exciting to win it.”

Also when he was asked how he felt about the fact that his fellow students gave him this award he said,

“It was really nice to feel the support from my friends, but I wish the awards were given by actual judges that weren’t my friends for more accuracy  and thats partly why I don’t feel like I deserved the award.”

Overall, the Nelson Awards were a huge success among students, creating an even more exciting atmosphere around National History Day.

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