Gym Furnishing

Since last fall, when construction was first started on the gym, people have been wondering what the finished product was going to look like. Is it going to have bleachers? Will it have the lines on the floor? What will it look like? Will it have the school colors? All of the questions have been asked by many of both the students and  teachers at NLA. Some have even been answered.

When Jamie Goulet was asked  “Do you know anything about how the Gym is going to be furnished?,” she said, “ It will have basketball hoops and bleachers…scoreboards are already here!  We are starting with basic necessities to have functional facility and then incorporate wish lists after that.” Other teachers and staff members were asked the same question. Chris Stewart touched on an interesting note when asked this. He said, “The Booster Club along with the Capital Campaign Committee are in the process of game planning how to reach out into the community and other potential sources of funding to furnish the gym with a wood floor.”  What Stewart is saying here is that the landowner of the upper school campus has only paid for the construction of the shell of the gym. All other funding has to come out of NLA’s pocket. Which as Stewart later says, “The outfitting of the gym as an activity center is North Lakes’ responsibility.”

Stewart said, “We hope to raise more than $100,000 in many different ways to make the facility meet our needs.”

Details are still a little unclear as to how and what kind of fundraisers the school is planning on doing. What is clear, however, is that the rest of this project is up to NLA.

People also have strong visions as to what they want the gym to look like.

Goulet said, “I would hope that it includes our school colors/logo on the floor and our mascot/logo on the walls. I am all for the basic look of a facility – nothing too fancy, just a floor, pride, and hoops!”  It’s intriguing that she mentions pride because it obviously cannot be built because its not solid. However, on further inquiry as to why she said that, Goulet said,  “The school logo’s, future school song, colors, on the walls – seeing and knowing the atmosphere of Husky pride as soon as you walk into the doors.”

However, there are always those who are less passionate than the rest of us, like Jacob Grinstead (10). He admitted during his interview that he has barely been paying attention to the construction of the gym. Because of the this, he has only just noticed that the support beams were up. Therefore, he had a much more loose vision of what the gym would be. Grinstead said “I hope the Gym is a lot less white than the middle school gym if it has school colors. I also hope that it is bigger than the middle school one…. which by the looks of it, it already is.”

There was also talk of what people thought the first event to take place in the gym should be. Stewart said, “Graduation; what a great sendoff for our senior students who have been told so many times that we would either be a) moving, or b) getting a gym, and then have our best laid plans fall to pieces. They deserve it!” Apparently, this has been an ongoing, unfulfilled promise for sometime now… However, by having the graduation ceremonies in the new  gym would eliminate the need to rent out space, and could potentially save some money.

when Goulet was asked what she wanted the first event to be she said, “I feel that as a school, it should be an NLA wide open house for students, parents, teachers, community members that assisted with the fundraising. After that, then it should be NLA’s 1st student body Pep Fest/Assembly to celebrate our expansion!” Depending on when the gym is finished, the Pep Fest would probably be the next best thing to graduation to open up the gym because one would still get the whole school involved and it would be a very positive experience.

And then there was Jacob who said, “I think there should be a school gathering… At the end of the year because that’s when I think it will be finished.”

These are all just speculation, but NLA knows one thing. Everyone will be happy when NLA has its own gym for all school functions.


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