NLA Basektball: Ozment breaks 1K

On Saturday, January 22nd, Jacob Ozment (12) joined Christopher Rosencrantz (12) at reaching 1,000 points in his basketball career. This night was the NLA boy’s basketball EMAC championship game against Christian Life School held at NOVA Classical Academy.

Ozment has been playing basketball for four years and has been playing for NLA for three. He needed to score four points in this game to reach 1,000, which was a simple task for this Senior.

Husky fans all wanted to know how Jake felt about his accomplishment, and his simple answer was, “better than a churro for a dollar”.

Some were skeptical he would not reach his one thousandth point due to his injured shoulder. Even Jake himself didn’t think he was able to play that night due to the injury. At the previous home game, senior night, Ozment separated his left shoulder. For Jake, this was a huge setback, considering he is a left handed player.

The game was very close and enjoyable for all Husky fans to see. It concluded with a win of 81-71. Not only did Jacob reach this milestone the team also won their game that night, putting them at first place in their EMAC conference.

There were many fans there supporting the team and Ozment, with signs and a lot of loud cheering. NLA is very lucky to have such a supportive student body and parents that attended the sporting events, making them extremely exciting.

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