Science Wing Change

This last Monday, Mr. Saunders and Mr. Good finally switched to the room s in the science wing. This had been an idea in development for several months now.However, it hadn’t been able to happen because the rooms had not been finished. Mr. Lou was presented with the task of finishing the rooms, which included, leveling and sealing the floor.  Leveling the floor proved to be a nightmare because of the fact the floors were incredibly uneven.

During the Chorus of the change, students in either Saunders’s’ or Good’s classes were, as many said, “Forced into slave labor.”

Jacob Grinstead said, “At least im getting my exercise…. But I like Science Class more.”

However, bringing the cabinets and supplies through the school to get to Saunder’s room wasn’t all work. Zoe Deal(10) and Morgan Selbitschka (10) found a soccer ball among the various items that Saunders had spread throughout his room. Deal and Selbitschka tried both dribbling and passing the soccer ball in the hallways while taking chemicals to Saunders new room. Ironically, Saunders didn’t mind it, but Grinstead tried to take on a rule of authority and stop them from kicking the soccer ball around. They ended up talking in many circles, entertaining the rest of the class.

After everything was said and done, Saunders and Good now are both on the far east wing, sharing a walk in closet with various science chemicals. Tom Lutes has taken Saunder’s old room and desks, and Mrs. Waterworth had taken Lute’s old room.

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