NLA’s Italian Dinner

This Friday, March 28th, North Lakes Academy will be holding their annual Italian Dinner/Silent Auction. The raised funds will be donated to the school, as well as the construction of the schools new activity center. Money will be raised in various ways. Objects will also be held up for raffle, and all the money raised will go straight to the School donations.

Two teachers, Mr. Nelson, from the High School and Mr. Mendenhal, from the Middle School, agreed to get their heads shaved under specific conditions.The agreement is that if the High School and Middle School combined can raise $5,000, the two teachers will shave themselves bald. Students will have to bring in the money by Friday for it to count.

Will Tiedeman(10) was asked what he thought about Mr. Nelson getting his head shaved and he simply said “It won’t be cute.”

There are believed to be many doubts about NLA’s student body being able to raise enough money for it to happen. When Noah Nei(10) was approached and asked if he thought that enough money would be raised he replied with “nahh”.

Although there are doubts for the donations to reach 5,000 dollars, all students are hoping NLA can accomplish this goal for many reasons. The entertainment of our teachers heads being shaved as well as a large amount of money raised to help our school and the new activity center.

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