The Upper School Gets a Library!

The North Lakes Upper School, after 4 years at it’s current location, finally has a library.

The creation of the library can be credited to Harrison Marchio, Isabel Thompson, Andrew Hunt, and Braedon Stem who thought of the idea in Civics class for an assignment. The assignment was to obtain support on a change they wanted to happen at North Lakes through a petition.

According to Marchio, the group wanted to make the library more known, because many students did not know about the small library located in one of NLAs english teacher’s, Chelsie Thielen’s, room.

The perfect opportunity for a space for the library came with the room switches to fill in NLA’s newly acquired areas. The library was placed in Mrs. Waterworth’s old room, which is located in the new upstairs commons. A small room for a class, but too big for a closet, the room was perfect for a library.

Mrs. Thielen has been collecting donations from parents for the new library. She’s received $300 worth of books for the library, and filled the bookshelves quickly. She has also been able to receive money and books from Donors Choose, a website where teachers can post what they need and receive donations from people who support the cause. In addition, Mrs. Thielen has also been collecting books over her years of teaching at NLA, and the majority of those collected books went into the library.

As for the supervision of the library, that is Mrs. Thielen’s task.

According to Mrs. Thielen, if the library door is open and there is a TA or teacher in the room, students can look around the library and check out books.

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