Lesbe Honest about NLA’s Lunches

“You’re not going to hurt our feelings,” said Mary, the owner of Done Right Foods, to Mr. Stewart’s advisory.

The current catering company at North Lakes Academy, Done Right Foods Catering, was looking to students for opinions and suggestions regarding the meals they serve students. During advisory last Monday, three representatives of the company came in to talk to students about their menu.

In Ms.Goulet’s advisory, Mary introduced her company’s goal, “We do healthy food. We do not serve junk food, it would go against my philosophy.”

Trying to get student input, she asked questions like ‘What don’t you like?’ and ‘What is your favorite item on the menu?’

Unfortunately, other than a few statements, students in both Mr.Stewart and Ms.Goulets advisories stayed quiet.

“We didn’t really talk much in the meeting because I feel like everyone was just shy. They didn’t really want to speak their feelings, I guess,” said Liv Dufour (10), who is part of Ms. Goulet’s advisory.

Other students in Ms.Goulet’s advisory of sophomores (and one junior) agreed. But why did one of the most opinionated group of students at NLA not speak up?

“I kinda feel like we didn’t say much because we didn’t want to insult them,” said Keeley Gray (10) also from Ms. Goulet’s, “Lesbe honest.”

The conversation was quite one sided in the room, apart from a few suggestions including having more chicken in menu items with chicken, and different fruits like strawberries. Mary responded with an analysis of the price of lunches and said how adding those items would raise it.

After some conversations with students in the meetings, the conclusion is that a written anonymous survey would be the best way for Done Right Food to get the answers they are seeking.

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