MCA Testing Inconvenient or Worth While?

With the MCA flung on students and the rumors going around that the MCA’s don’t count towards graduation, students are curious whether it is even worth while. Some students complained how last year was so much preparation while this year not so much. Students barely even knew about the testing until Monday night. Also people wondered if this even counts toward graduation because of the rumors that are going away next year.

Well this truth about that is

Although MCA’s are old school and somewhat a waste of time, they are necessary as of this year. However is it really necessary to have a morning of testing and then 40 min classes after?

How are you supposed to learn after just putting all your energy into a test that might not even count for anything? Not to mention that your lunch was shortened by ten minutes.

Sophie Cloutier (11) said this about advisory being shortened advisory being shortened was pointless. We were separated for 160 minutes of no talking today. Our advisory was well deserved.

Seniors don’t even show up, freshman get to watch movies. Many sophomores/juniors are upset by that fact and think it is unfair that others get to slack of while they have to test. They are wondering where there fun is. Also they were also angered by the fact that they were held in classes for way to long and could finish the whole test but weren’t allowed to. Then tomorrow they have to do it all over again what this makes no sense.

The silver lining is that next year there will be no MCA’s and just an ACT, which is required for College anyways.

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