NLA Prom 2014

Unlike previous years, North Lakes Academy’s 2014 Senior/Junior prom will not be held on a boat. Location is not the only change, and definitely not the only shock to students. The date for prom recently changed from May 3rd to May 10th due to venue scheduling issues that occurred.

The date was first changed because there were no available boats for the chosen date. For other dates there were only larger boats available, which are more expensive and would result in higher prices for students who buy prom tickets.

“I like how it’s not on boat because then if I get mad at my date I can leave” says McGlade(12) when asked her opinion on the change of location.

Seniors will enjoy the change because it will be a significant difference from previous years. The last three years Prom has been held on a boat, and the change in scenery seems to be what Seniors have been looking for.

“I like that it’s different because I’ve gone three times already and the change is nice” Arm(12).

The Dalles House was found and chosen because it is a cheaper venue and something new will be an exciting experience for everyone.

This year there will be two food choices, one being a vegetarian option and the other being Alfredo Sauce.  

The changes will be exciting for everyone. We aren’t sure yet if this will become a tradition or not.

Sophomore Noah Nei(10) stated that he would prefer the change stayed.

“Personally I would like it to stay off a boat because there would be more room.”

We will see how this year goes and hope that the change stays for years to come.

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