Spring Sports Affected by Weather

With this crazy weather we have gotten the past few days, our spring sports schedule may be affected. The rain gave many athletes hope that the snow would melt, until that rain unfortunately turned into snow. As long as snow is on the ground, track can no longer go outside even for a warm-up. Softball and Baseball are also unable to practice outside due to snow, and games have already been setback due to the unpredictable weather.

NLA has already had 7 baseball/softball games postponed and 1 track scrimmage cancelled due to the weather. And with this upcoming snow storm, there may be possibly more to come.

The first baseball and softball games were supposed to be played on April 1st, but the weather played an April Fools Joke on North Lakes Academy athletics and they have been postponed. Now the first games are scheduled for the week of April 14th.The first track meet is supposed to be on April 17th with high hopes that all this snow/rain will not affect the meet.

Hopefully by the end of next week track will be able to be outside for practice. No one really knows when baseball and softball will be able to have practices held outdoors. We can only hope for warm weather and all this snow to melt soon.

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